Archway Album For Download On Bandcamp

Archway Album For Download On Bandcamp

Download my new album “Archway” on Bandcamp or order a CD – Cds won’t be available until the 30th of Sept. but downloads / .wav files should be up soon for you to download. I’m charging for it, but the recordings are low-quality. Just what I can muster up to hit out another album on my way to hopefully better and better albums because that’s the way it works when you’re starting out as a musician. Or for music in general. You can listen to it before you buy it. I gave it the best for what I can for what’s going on in my life right now and I think some of the songs are pretty good.

“Archwayyyyys and fountain peeeeens/I can’t see youuu again/ because we’re being written out/by forms and forms and stacks of papers/counties and offices/fake smiling businesses/suited men and women…Oh, where can I find you again?/Out in dark suburbs,/full of cars and our alma maters?/ I wish to see you for you/one last time.” Archways and Fountain Pens, track 5

New album: ‘Archway’ coming out soon

My newest album (since…the thank goddess country and soul session recordings in 2009) is coming out. The last one I put out was 4 years ago. Oh college, how you get in the way of music sometimes.

Be on the look out.

CD and digital download include original album artwork, some lyrics, and 8 tracks of new songs.

Available on:

  • Bandcamp
  • Order by mail: pay via Paypal or check. Email: for more information about payment and addresses.
  • $7 or so dollars.

That’s how it goes.
Wird, the bird


Lyrics to “Until the End of a Temperate Summer”:

Lyrics & Music (c) Annie W. Lo

You say we should go down south
And visit the Blue Ridge Mountains for a while
But what you don’t know about me
Is that I’m walking blindly

Ho ho ho, ho ho ho, ho ho ho

It would only take four teary-eyed days
But with beers and sears and forests and open spaces.

You can’t catch a jack rabbit without your knife
In just the same way,
You can’t catch me without your mind

So ho ho, so ho ho, so so so

Stop, rest for a while, be quiet.
Then the deer won’t fear you so much when you’re by it
I am broken bone, just resting here
You can use me to make an arrow, but not to make a spear

No no no, no no no, no no no

I know you know, I know you know
With the moon it shows, with the moon it shows.


$155 and 3:00am’s
Tired tied in a know to try tires tiring thin again
Capsized hearts meet capsized bottles of gin
Putting yourself out in the front out from out of the, out of the question

Whoa ho ho, whoa ho ho, whoa ho ho

Wooden needles, dancing sticks
Leaves of autumn trampled under doorways of red brick

I can only imagine, what you must feel
The darkness that surrounds your thoughts
Makes everything lose appeal
No zest, no zeal

If I did not want you, I’d find something better
But I only want you,
This sun, this sun, this sun, this sun
But I only want you,
This sun, this sun, this sun.
Until the end of a temperate summer,
Until the end of a temperate summer.

Houseshow April 19-20 Likely at the Neutron Bomb House in Baltimore

I will likely be doing a house concert at the Neutron Bomb house in northish Baltimiore, MD by John’s Hopkins, possibly playing with the Dead Whale Ramblers, Her Fantastic Cats and Alex Duncan. I’ve got a few new songs up my sleeves so come out, BYOB, and get yourself a good weekend already.

8:30pm-9pm start
I will update on the date and time.

$5 donation. Pass around a tip jar.
All these guys are still tentative but:
Her Fantastic Cats

The Deadwhale Ramblers

Alex Duncan 


Lyrics to “Mother’s Way”

in a cascade
of maple’s tree’s leaves
lone field runner
a sinnful gaze
a peaceful a blaze


criticize me
building freely
a stack of pen cases


You never see it
mother’s way
you never see it
lightning spirit
being light
you never see it
you never see it
but you want it to
come your way
come your way
come your way
come your way
come your way

Lyrics to “The Flood”

Original lyrics. Now go discern some mp3’s okay?

A flood came from the river
and swallowed you whole
you lost your way in walking and you fell into the mold

Now a broken man without no arms
and ripe with old age
He laughs at you as you struggle
to lift your head above the water
Because you have no name.

Now look at you well who are you
It’s calling, the bird across the stream
mumbles under its breath
your fate’s yet to be seen

Brumble brook and running streams, you fall into the last line of your dreams
And you’ve lost your soul
Waterfalls and honey tease, running cascade will spit you out to seed
the only hope for you
is to reach through the darkness
’cause you’ve fallen through.

Lyrics to “In Wichita”

Here are the lyrics to my newest song “In Wichita”. Ever wondered, what is Anei Birdlo singing about in these songs? I just can’t quite make out the words beyond the voice cracking…well you’re about to find out in the next few posts. (c) Anei Birdlo, so don’t go stealing or infringing yo’.

Check out the video on youtube:


If in life you must be good, if in life you must be well
Then drown it like you should, down the well.

A smoke’s as smart as day, a pillar for the night.
To crop your hair at may, don’t give up the fight

‘Cause reason’s got the world apart, it’s got it down
And I have got a lonely heart, drowning under ground
In Wichita I saw a light, above the only clock tower
In Wichita I saw a mine, digging in the dust at midnight
Showers, stairs and clockbells
Towels, chairs and watchtowers


A little pond of castor oil sits underneath a golden coil of your hair
Unanticipation, body evaluation
insert here a deity for me
Unsyncapated, body evaluated burning strong
(a very abbreviated form of hocketing follows)

All along
All along
All along